Chicago's parks are home to more than 200 concessionaires who provide unique dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities throughout the city.  Whether it be a sit-down meal, a quick snack, renting a bike or getting an item needed while out and about, these vendors help make a visit to many of the city's parks and beaches a great experience.

View the current list of Chicago Park District concessions.


UCG Associates

UCG Associates is the concession program manager for the Chicago Park District, responsible for administering all aspects of the program. This includes oversight of the NOA process (concession applications, evaluations and award); negotiation and enforcement of operating agreements, and issuing site-specific permits associated with those agreements. UCG is also responsible for inspecting concession facilities and operations for health code compliance, and for collecting fees on behalf of the Park District.  

Concession Opportunities

Roaming vendors and stationary concession opportunities await in many of the city’s parks.  Companies and individuals are invited to propose new food, retail, recreational, rental, entertainment, or sporting venue concession opportunities for the upcoming season. Click on the button below to apply.  Some things to keep in mind:

  • Winter concessions are allowed
  • Opportunities are open in high-tourist areas
  • Pop-up opportunities are available year-round
  • Consider filling the gap for food & beverages in your neighborhood park



For more information, contact UCG Associates: