The Chicago Park District purchases millions of dollars of goods and services on an annual basis.  The purchasing process is managed by the Park District's Department of Purchasing. Our open bid and solicitation process ensures fairness, competition, and best value. At times our interest in achieving the best value may lead us to participate in contracts from larger economies such as the City of Chicago, our Sister Agencies, and the State of Illinois. Besides best value, we're also very interested in green procurement, as one of the four core values at the Chicago Park District is being green, and increasingly our solicitations are either exclusively environmentally friendly or include eco-friendly products and services. All this is accomplished by complying with the Code of the Chicago Park District and the other local, state, and federal laws and regulations that guide us.

We encourage you to learn more about the Chicago Park District and to conduct business with us by participating in our contracting opportunities.  Explore the following items and come back often as we are constantly updating this content: