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Chicago Onscreen: At Home

A blast-from-the-past at-home showcase of local films featured in the last six years of the Chicago Onscreen Local Film Festival. The popcorn is on you this time, but the amazing collection of hometown film talent is still on us. 

Chicago Onscreen brings local films to Chicago's parks every summer as part of the Chicago Park District's Movies in the Parks program. Since 2014, we've featured 90 films in dozens of local parks across the city. 


local films at home

Across Chicago, we're hunkered down. As we stay home to save lives, limiting ourselves to only necessary trips outside and commuting only to and from essential jobs, we're all adjusting to a new and changing sense of normal. With so much more time spent at home, we're all turning to the online world for education, enrichment, and entertainment in a way we may not have before. 

If you are looking for a new way to explore the city without leaving home, the Chicago Park District is pleased to offer you this collection of locally-made and Chicago-focused films from the Chicago Onscreen collection. We've gone all the way back to the beginning to bring you a sampling of the dozens of films we've screened in our parks since 2014. 

Each week, from April 21-May 25, we'll share four or five films with you. They are free and available to watch at any time during the week. Filmmakers from across the city, and beyond, have graciously allowed us to share these films with you, and we encourage you to check out their other work or see what they're working on now. 


film release schedule

WEEK ONE: Performance On Camera WEEK TWO: All the Feels
April 21-27 April 28-May 4
  • Louder Than a Bomb (Greg Jacobs & Jon Siskel)
  • Hurricane (Todd Tue)
  • Chi~Voices: A Poetic Film Series (Jessica Estelle Huggins)
  • Red Line Lounge (Jens Ericson)
  • Fanfare for Marching Band (Danièle Wilmouth)
  • Common Decency (Andrés Lemus-Spont & Marya Spont-Lemus)
  • Scotty Works OUT (Dan Pal)
  • Cool Apocalypse (Michael Smith)
  • Knock (Ben Feldman)
  • Left Alone (Chris Warloe)
  • Dirty Laundry (Gustavo Martin)
  • Richie Beyond (Lars Steier)
  • Businessmen (Aaron Legg)
WEEK THREE: Chicago Doc Week WEEK FOUR: Wonderfully Woman
May 5-11 May 12-18
  • The Color of Art (David Weathersby)
  • The Amazing Mr. Ash (Brian Gersten)
  • Count Me In (Ines Sommer)
  • Yesterday (Jonathan Slavin & Tommy Byrne)
  • White Lotus Rising (the JJ Effect)
  • Save It (Leo Gallagher)
  • Exit Zero: An Industrial Family Story (Chris Boebel & Christine Walley)
  • South Chicago: In Progress (David Granskog)
  • Limbo (Jennifer Stachovic)
  • Oreo (Cydia Flowers)
  • In the Game (Maria Finitzo)
  • Crystal Lake (Jennifer Reeder)
  • Runner (Clare Cooney)
  • Hatboxes (Susana Darwin)
  • Counting (Dan Pal)
  • The Wayward Wind (Steve Delahoyde & Monica Thomas)
  • Stalled (Eddie Rybarski)
WEEK FIVE: Something Different  
May 19-25  
  • The Man (Taylor Brown)
  • A Bodega (Samuel R. Mendez)
  • Inside the Landscapes (Helen Lee)
  • King, Hereafter (Curtis J. Matzke)
  • Emergence (Rocco Cataldo)
  • Something Different (Anna Rose Ii-Epstein)
  • Elsewhere, the Survivors (Ali Aschman)
  • B Love (Shahari Moore & Christine List)


thank you for watching

We hope you enjoyed our showcase of past Chicago Onscreen selections over the last five weeks as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you. Thank you for checking out these films, and thank you to our dozens of featured filmmakers who jumped at the chance to open their work up to the city one more time. 


Stay tuned for more information about Chicago Onscreen 2020, our seventh year of featuring locally-made and Chicago-focused films. We're finalizing our lineup and making plans for our 2020 Virtual Film Festival and we can't wait to share all the excitement of another year of films with you.