What is an Advisory Council?

An advisory council is a voluntary group of individuals who meet on a regular basis to support the effective functioning of the park. A council works with the park supervisor and other Chicago Park District staff, advising them on the needs and concerns of the community and making recommendations and suggestions regarding its respective park.


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What do Advisory Councils do?

Advisory councils promote ways for the community to better utilize the Chicago Park District's programs and facilities; provide communication to the Chicago Park District on matters relating to their parks; increase community awareness of Chicago Park District projects; provide the community with a vehicle through which park information can be shared; and assist in locating alternate funding sources to enhance park facilities.


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What is the time commitment?

The Chicago Park District asks that councils meet at least once annually. Many councils either meet monthly or quarterly; meetings on average last about 1 to 1 ½ hours. In addition to meetings, some councils sponsor fundraising events and other activities that require additional time commitment.


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How many people make up the group?

A minimum of three (3) members are required. However a larger number of members is encouraged so there is a greater representation from the community. Depending on the size of the park, ideally councils would have 10 -15 members.


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How are Advisory Councils run?

Advisory councils are separate and independent entities from the Chicago Park District. The officers of the council have the responsibility of monitoring the actions and activities of their park advisory council.


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What are the benefits of Advisory Councils?
  • recognition as an organization that can effectively relate your community's goals and visions for its park to the Chicago Park District
  • appropriate space (where/when available) for advisory council meetings at local parks
  • a mailbox at the local park
  • events featured on the Chicago Park District website (see form below for submitting event information)
  • invitation to the annual Advisory Council Appreciation Day event


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How do I join an existing Advisory Council?

Contact your local park supervisor and/or the advisory council president. Click here to view a list of advisory council presidents.


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How do I start a new Advisory Council for a park that doesn't currently have one?

Contact the park and ask for the park supervisor or area manager and schedule a date and time for the initial meeting. This meeting should be held at the park, or if no park space is available, at the nearest public facility. The park staff will post a notice of the initial meeting and work with you to notify the community of the intent to form a new park advisory council.


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List of Parks with Advisory Councils

View a list of parks with advisory councils, and get meeting dates and contact information.  If you don't see a park listed, then they may have a council set up that is not currently registered, or they do not have an advisory council at all.

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Revised Advisory Council Forms (effective August 2008)

All existing and newly formed advisory councils and those interested in becoming an advisory council, must review and complete the forms below. Fax the completed Application, Registration Form, Partnership Pledge and By-Laws to the Chicago Park District Community Relations Division at (312) 742-6098.

  • Advisory Council Guidelines
  • Advisory Council Member Application
  • Advisory Council Registration Form
  • Advisory Council Capital Partnership Pledge
  • Advisory Council By-Laws


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Form for Posting Events Online

Officially registered advisory councils interested in posting their events on the Chicago Park District website, should fill out the form below. Once completed, this form should be submitted to the park supervisor.

  • Advisory Council Event Submission Form


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Advisory Council Events

Click here to to see the advisory council events currently listed on the Chicago Park District website.


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Contact Us

If you have any further questions about Chicago Park District advisory councils, contact us at lca@chicagoparkdistrict.com or (312) 742-2797.


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