The Chicago Park District is looking for dedicated community members to become volunteer stewards for several of the Park District’s nature areas. The volunteer steward works collaboratively with Chicago Park District staff and contractors to protect, maintain, and restore the natural integrity of their adopted nature area. A volunteer steward coordinates and oversees the volunteer management and restoration of a Chicago Park District nature area. The steward also serves as a spokesperson and advocate for the designated nature area and acts as a liaison between the community and Chicago Park District. Benefits of becoming a volunteer steward include learning about native Illinois flora and fauna, gaining hands-on experience in ecological restoration, developing leadership skills, and working with volunteers to enhance Chicago’s nature areas and foster an environmental ethic in the City of Chicago.


The Chicago Park District is looking for volunteers who are able to make at least a two year commitment. Volunteer stewards must be at least 18 years old and should possess a strong interest in the management of natural areas. Ideally, volunteer stewards have previous experience in natural areas management and/or volunteering but interest and desire to learn are the most important skills. Volunteers must complete a Chicago Park District volunteer application and background check. A valid Illinois Pesticide License and an Illinois Drivers License are desirable but not necessary.


Columbus (Christopher) Park
Douglas Park
Garfield Park
McKinley Park
Ronan Park


For more information and to find out if volunteer stewardship is right for you, please contact the Volunteer Stewardship Coordinator at (312) 742-4602