Plant a Tree, Grow a Memory

Do you know someone extraordinary whom you would like to honor?  Are you planning a special event which you would like to memorialize?
If so, the Chicago Park District has a creative way for you to celebrate significant people and note-worthy events.  The Green Deed Tree Dedication Program allows you to have a tree planted in the park of your choice, providing lasting recognition of the significant people and occasions in your life.

Program Information 

Your Green Deed Tells the Story

Donors will receive a Green Deed presentation certificate which details the person or event being honored, the type of tree planted and the planting location.  The Green Deed certificate is suitable for framing; it bears the seal of the Chicago Park District, and is signed by the General Superintendent of the Chicago Park District.

You Choose the Type of Tree

Donors may select any tree variety from the attached lists.  Special requests for trees not on the lists will be evaluated by knowledgeable Park District staff with regard to the requested tree’s hardiness, availability and suitability for use in public spaces.  Where a special request cannot be accommodated, Park District staff will work with the donor to find an appropriate alternative.

You Choose the Location

Donors may request a specific park and planting location.  All location requests are reviewed and finalized by CPD staff in coordination with the donor. If planting space is not available in the requested location, CPD staff will work with the donor to find a suitable alternative location. Green Deed trees may be planted only on Chicago Park District property and are installed only by CPD contractors.

Planting Seasons

The spring planting season is May 1 to July 15; fall planting is September 1 to November 15.  Planting seasons are approximate and may vary according to weather and other factors.
Your Green Deed tree will be planted in the next planting season after the request is received.  Green Deed tree requests must be received by April 15 for spring planting and by September 1 for fall planting; these are the dates by which our “dig orders” must be submitted to the nurseries.  Requests received after these dates will be accommodated whenever possible, but may require rescheduling to the following planting season.
Please note that, due to their cultural requirements, some trees are dug by the nurseries only in the spring; these trees are planted only during the spring planting season.

Tree Guarantee

All Green Deed trees are guaranteed for two years from the date of planting.  If the tree fails to thrive within two years, it will be replaced in the next appropriate planting season, free of charge.

Your Donation 

A donation amount of $600 covers ornamental trees, and $800 for shade trees.  See more information about recommended trees in the Tree Types section below.  A donation of any amount will always be accepted, and appreciated, towards our general tree planting program.

Get Started

Dedicate a Green Deed Tree



Please call the Chicago Park District’s dedicated Green Deed Tree phone line at (312) 742-5414 or (312) 742-4679 if you have any questions or comments, or would like further information about the Green Deed Tree Dedication Program.


Tree Types

Shade Trees

Growing up to eighty feet tall, shade trees are the backbone of the natural landscape, defining and framing outdoor spaces, providing welcome relief from the summer sun and channeling the breezes.  Characterized by dense, leafy green foliage in the summer, shade trees often develop vibrant fall color, extending their seasonal interest into the autumn.  Here is a list of recommended shade trees that perform well in our parks.

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are characterized by spring or early summer flowering displays followed by ornamental fruit set and, often, showy fall color, providing year-round seasonal interest.  Generally growing smaller than shade trees, most ornamental trees are available in both single and multiple stemmed forms.  Here is a list of recommended ornamental trees that perform well in our parks.