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Grilling in the Parks

It's summer in Chicago and that means that grilling season is here too! Before heading to a park to enjoy the joys of outdoor cooking with your family and friends, we ask that you review the Grilling in the Parks guidelines and best practices to protect our outdoor green spaces and wildlife.  

Grilling in the Parks Guidelines:

  • Use of an enclosed metal containers are required
  • Only grill in dedicated grilling areas (see list beow)
  • Grill away from trees.
  • Open fire pits and bonfires are not allowed in any parks
  • Hot coals must be doused with water, and ashes and coals must be properly disposed of in red used-coal receptacles.  This is to minimize the risk of fires and the impact on trees and park wildlife. Red metal cans are available at most approved grilling areas.
  • Do not dump coals at the foot of trees.  This will kill trees.

Follow these guidelines and help us keep Chicago's parks clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.  Thank you!