This colorful mural hangs in a hallway of the West Pullman Park field house. The large, expansive panel covers nearly the entire height and width of the wall. The artwork was created by a group of students through the support of Gallery 37, a Chicago organization dedicated to arts programming. Under the guidance of an art instructor, the students worked together to design and produce the giant composition, which explores themes birth, technology, nature, and diversity.

The themes are realized through various images, including a small baby with a visible brain, a large blue cog, and a playful frog. To the right, the scene includes more fragmented images of children and several continents rendered in black contour lines. The surreal landscape is completed by an orange beach meeting a bright blue body of water, and a white sun setting against a red sky.

Located in the fieldhouse hallway.

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West Pullman Park Untitled Mural | Artwork

401 W. 123rd St.
Chicago, IL 60628
United States