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Fitness Center Reopening

Fitness centers will reopen April 12 with reduced capacities and new safety protocols.  To manage this new format, patrons must register in advance for a fitness center session.  A fitness center membership is required to register for a session.  Learn more below.  

We are excited to welcome you back to the Chicago Park District fitness centers.



A fitness center membership allows for use at the park for which the membership was purchased, or at all fitness center parks with a gold membership.  A membership is required to use a fitness center. With a membership, fitness center sessions still have to be registered for at a desired location/desired time, but no charges will be applied when registering for a session. 

Membership Options

Park specific memberships - good only at the park for which it was purchased

  • 1-Month Fitness Center Membership
  • 3-Month Fitness Center Membership
  • Annual Fitness Center Membership 

Gold memberships - good at all parks throughout the city with fitness centers

  • Gold 3-Month Fitness Center Membership
  • Gold Annual Fitness Center Membership

Rates vary by park based upon available equipment.  GO HERE to view all membership fees.  

Steps to Purchase a Fitness Center Membership

  1. GO HERE to purchase a fitness center membership
    - Use Category filter to select fitness center memberships 
    - Use Location filter to choose a park (if interested in a park-specific membership)  
  2. Select your preferred Membership (park-specific 1 month, 3 months or Annual; or Gold 3 month, Gold Annual) to your cart
  3. Login to your account using your email and password, or if you are new to the site you can Create a New Account.
  4. Select the household member this Membership will belong to 
  5. Proceed to Agree to the Waiver
  6. Checkout

Fitness Center memberships can only be used by the member named on the membership.  An ID is required onsite at a fitness center when checking in.

A note regarding spring 2020 fitness center memberships 

For those that had a current Fitness Center Membership as of March 20, 2020:

  • Your pass will be valid for the remaining amount of time left on that membership as of March 20, 2020, plus seven days. 
  • Membership holders still need to reserve a fitness center session time using the process below.

    To use a fitness center, members must register for a one-hour session at a desired location/desired time.  Online registration will be available Fridays at 9 am for the following week.  If unable to register online, please call the park for more information.  A fitness center membership is required to register for a session.  


    Due to the limited space available, members are asked not to reserve more than one session per day. Patrons who exceed this limit or regularly miss their reserved time may forfeit the ability to make reservations in the future.


    Fitness Center sessions are available for registration on Fridays at 9 am for the following week.

    1. GO HERE to view fitness center sessions.
      - Use Zone filter to choose the Recreation Reservation week you are interested in
      - Use Location filter to choose your park
    2. After you searched or applied filters, you will see the available options labeled “Fitness Center Week XX at {park name}.”
    3. On the right-hand side of each fitness center session, you will see a blue box with an arrow and “More (xx).” Click that box to see individual time entries.
    4. Entries will be in alphabetical order by Weekday, then by time listed in 24-hour format (i.e. military time).  If a session time does not show as available in your search, it means the center is booked for that time.
    5. You can then click on the green “Add to Cart” button to register for that time.
    6. Log in to your account using your email and password, or if you are new to the site Create a New Account.
    7. Select the household member who will be utilizing this fitness center session.
    8. Once you have completed your selections, you may proceed to your shopping cart to check out or add it to your cart and continue shopping. **
    9. You will need to agree to a waiver to proceed through the checkout process. 
    10. After you check out, you will view your receipt, which will also be emailed.  You do not need to bring your receipt to your fitness center session.   

    ** Due to the limited space available, we ask that you do not reserve for more than one session per day.  Patrons who exceed this limit or regularly miss their reserved time may forfeit the ability to make reservations in the future. 


    Due to COVID, the following restrictions and requirements will be in place:

    • WEAR A MASK.  Face coverings are required in all parks and facilities. 
    • Maintain a social distance of 6 ft. throughout the fieldhouse and fitness center.
    • When entering the fieldhouse, fitness center members must stop at the front desk to check in.
    • Fitness center members should arrive in their workout clothes. Locker room access will not be available for fitness members. Restrooms are open if needed. Please plan accordingly.    
    • Face coverings must be worn in the fitness center.
    • Fitness center members must bring their own water as water fountains remain off.
    • Only fitness center members are allowed in the fitness center, no companions are allowed.
    • No spotting for lifts or partaking in any other activities that bring you within 6 feet of others in the fitness center.
    • No sharing of equipment in between sets.
    • No use of decommissioned equipment.  Some equipment will be marked as decommissioned to provide adequate space for proper social distancing.  For cardio equipment, every other piece of equipment will be decommissioned.
    • Cleaning requirements:
      - Members must use disinfectant spray provided to clean equipment before and after each use. 
      - Members will be given disinfecting wipes, personal cleaning bottles and hand sanitizer will be regularly placed throughout the fitness center for member use.
      - Fitness centers will be closed twice a day for deep cleaning conducted by CPD staff.
    • After leaving the fitness center, members are asked to exit the fieldhouse as quickly as possible.


    Watch this video to learn more about our safety protocols.



    Thank you in advance for following these rules.