The Office of Strategy and Sustainability is tasked with implementing the District’s strategic plan including overall policy development, tracking goals, key performance indicators, and staff training and updates every other year since 2012. The strategic plan was refocused in 2016 as more visionary and less prescriptive than previous versions. The Department works closely with the Department of Performance Management to provide strategic direction and policy development to achieve key strategic goals in system-wide efforts to improve District operations.

The Department also acts as a liaison for park policy development and implementation, and works closely with the National Recreation and Parks Association, Museums in the Parks, and other organizations.

The Department is also responsible for ensuring that as an organization, the Park District is as sustainable and environmentally responsible. This includes integrating sustainable strategies across all parks and facilities such as waste reduction and diversion, recycling implementation, water efficiency, green and renewable electricity, sustainable purchasing, car and bike sharing, and energy efficiency.