Young kids on an over-sized black and white hopscotch with inspirational messages printed on the squares.

337 East Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601

Artist: Lawrence Weiner
Features: Outdoor, Temporary



OUT OF SIGHT is a hopscotch (also referred to by the French “marelle”) designed to be installed on the ground and used by the public. OUT OF SIGHT contains words and phrases along a linear path that offer an encouraging and affirmative recipe for life. The piece is aimed to inspire all walks of life— especially young people—to think creatively about the direction of their lives and to encourage positive thinking and visualization. The artist’s philosophy for the project is about encouragement and inspiration; it is about developing positive thoughts and strategies for achieving goals.

This summer, OUT OF SIGHT will come to the Chicago Park District with locations at Maggie Daley Park and at Walsh Park/The 606 (in Spanish and English). Celebrations and workshops at Cultural Centers across the city will engage audiences and promote the message of the piece.

Lawrence Weiner (b. 1942) is a world renowned, American conceptual artist. His work consists mostly of typographic text. He is best known for his unique aphorisms and phraseologies in the form of installations and presentations of language as art. Weiner refers to language as a form of sculpture. His text-based artworks have been exhibited all over the world (in all sorts of places) for more than fifty years.