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Located in the South Chicago community, Eckersall Park is a 2.98 acre recreational destination enjoyed by park patrons and their families.This park contains a playground and basketball court. At Eckersall Park, park patrons enjoy playing soccer and basketball. The playground is adjacent to Eckersall Stadium, a CPS facility.


Soon after World War II, the Chicago Park District began a major initiative to create new parks for the first time in many years. This Ten Year Plan identified 43 sites in neighborhoods with few recreational facilities and in undeveloped areas which were starting to boom. Estimating that a total of $60 million dollars would be needed for the ten-year effort, the park district began selling $24 million dollars of new bonds in 1945 to pay for the initial phase of the project. Among the first properties acquired was the 3.5-acre site for Eckersall Park. The property remained unimproved for several years. Finally in 1956, the park district planted the landscape, created two playground areas divided by South Philips Avenue, and transformed the bisecting street into basketball courts and a vehicle turn-around. The park's name honors Walter Herbert Eckersall (1884--1930) an All American football player from Chicago. Having played football as a student at Hyde Park High School between 1899 and 1902, Eckersall was pursued by several colleges with winning teams. He decided on the University of Chicago, and went on to set every punting and kicking record between 1903 and 1906. After college, Eckersall became a noted sports critic for the Chicago Tribune. While writing for the newspaper, Eckersall was instrumental in creating the Golden Gloves and Silver Skates competitions.

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2400 East 82nd Street
Chicago, IL 60617

2400 E. 82nd St.
Chicago, IL 60617

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