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Located in the South Shore community, Hasan Playground is an ideal location for families to spend a portion of their day relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. This park totals 0.33 acres and it contains a playground with swings, slides, and climbing apparatus.


In the early years of the twentieth century, the City of Chicago Water Department constructed an attractive brick pumping station at the corner of 68th Street and Oglesby Avenue in the thriving South Shore neighborhood. The area had begun to develop in the wake of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition which took place in nearby Jackson Park. By the 1920s, the area was booming. Construction surged again in the 1950s and 1960s, when South Shore approached its highest population ever. In 1967, the Chicago Park District arranged to lease a portion of the greenspace surrounding the 68th Street pumping station to meet the recreational needs of South Shore residents. The park district soon constructed a playground on the leased property, thoroughly rehabilitating it in 1990. In June, 1968, the new playground was named Hasan Park, a tribute to Elliot Hasan (1907-1967), "dean of the high school coaches." One of Chicago's most successful football and basketball coaches, Hasan coached at Hyde Park High School for 39 years, and was serving as the school's athletic director at the time of his death. Beginning in the 1940s, Hasan acted as summer tour director for the Harlem Globetrotters. He also refereed Big Ten football for 20 years. Hasan was remembered especially fondly by students, for whom he always had time despite his many activities and responsibilities.

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6855 S. Oglesby Ave.
Chicago, IL 60649

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