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Located in the East Side community, Krause Playlot Park is 0.17 acres and it features a water spray facility.


Krause Park is among a small group of Chicago parks named for long-time Chicago Park District employees. This East Side community park honors Francis Vernon Krause (1920-1988), a 39-year veteran of the recreation department. Krause began his career in 1946 as a physical instructor. In 1960, he was promoted to park supervisor, serving first at Bessemer Park and later at Mann Park. In 1975, he became Assistant General Supervisor of the department, a position he held until his retirement in 1985. Until 1989, the park had been known simply as Avenue "L" Park, for the street that passed to the east. The City of Chicago developed the park shortly before 1950, on property purchased years earlier, apparently for use by the Chicago Police Department. By 1950, the city's Bureau of Parks and Recreation had improved the site with a spray pool, a sand box, and a playground. In 1959, the city transferred the small park, along with more than 250 other properties, to the Chicago Park District. The park district installed a new soft surface playground in 1990, the year after redesignating the site Krause Park.

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Map & Facilities

10556 S. Avenue L
Chicago, IL 60617

10556 S. Avenue L
Chicago, IL 60617

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