3748 S. Prairie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60653

Location Notes:

Located in the fieldhouse lobby

Located Within: Anderson (Louis) Park
Artist: Jewell Pates
Year Created: 1999
Features: Indoor, Mosaic



This colorful mosaic was one of several artworks produced in the late 1990s through the Chicago Park District’s Mosaic Parks Project. Although it lasted only a few years, the project supported the production of new mosaics in several Chicago parks, including Anderson, Ogden, Seward, and Washington.

The Anderson Playground Park mosaic was organized by the artist Jewell Pates, who worked with nine local children to create a mosaic embodying the theme of sports and recreation at the park. The main horizontal panel of the mosaic portrays a basketball scene, a reference to the park’s six outdoor courts. An abstract figure throws a ball toward a large white net, and a free-floating foot wears a shoe bearing the familiar Nike swoosh. To the left, a second, arched panel portrays yellow bands that evoke the sun’s rays. The word "FUN" appears below and seems to shine over the entire composition. Viewed as a whole, this playful outdoor scene captures the spirit of an afternoon at the park.

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Anderson Mosaic | Artwork

3748 S. Prairie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60653
United States