Come to Light

2045 N Lincoln Park West
Chicago, IL 60614

Location Notes:

Kathy Osterman Beach old comfort station

Located Within: Lincoln (Abraham) Park
Artist: Lead artist Andy Bellomo with Will Nicholson and Brett Whitacre
Year Created: 2011
Features: Outdoor, Mosaic



Come to Light is a lively bricolage mosaic that adorns three walls of the old Osterman Beach comfort station in Lincoln Park. Funded by the Chicago Park District, the project was undertaken by the Chicago Public Art Group. Lead artist Andy Bellomo worked with artists Will Nicholson and Brett Whitacre, community volunteers, and students to create the mosaic. Over the period of a year and a half, they worked diligently, contending with inclement weather including snow, sleet, and rain. Ironically, these conditions contrast with the theme of the mosaic they created, titled Come to Light.

The mosaic incorporates ceramic tile, glass, mirror, and sculptural relief into a three-sided composition. The scenes depicted include imagined planets with swirling bands of glittering tile that are reminiscent of stars clustering into galaxies. There are also circular collage-like elements, which form images suggesting creatures that occupy water, earth, and sky.

The artwork is made up of thousands of pieces of tile—most of which are squares, triangles, and other geometric shapes. Yet, altogether, the composition does not appear linear. Rather, it conveys a sense of swirling movement and light.

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Come to Light | Artwork

2045 N Lincoln Park West
Chicago, IL 60614
United States