Community Quilt

331 W. 45th St
Chicago, IL 60609

Located Within: Fuller (Melville) Park
Artist: Millicent Gordon and the Soul Stitchers
Year Created: 2000
Features: Indoor, Object



This colorful, intricate community quilt decorates the art room at Fuller Park. It was created in 2000 under the guidance of art instructor and master quilter Millicent Gordon and the Soul Stitchers, a group of women who meet regularly to share stories and sew.

The vibrant quilt represents Fuller Park and its surrounding South Side community. An outer border of rectangular panels illustrates several neighborhoods and landmarks, including Canaryville and the Illinois Institute of Technology. A section at the bottom center of the quilt features an image of the Fuller Park field house. The image was created through a process of transferring an archival photograph onto fabric. The accompanying text records important details of the park’s founding, including its opening date (August 17, 1911), its namesake (South Park Commissioner and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Melville W. Fuller), its architect (Edward Bennett), and its landscape designers (the Olmsted Brothers).

The middle sections of the quilt display the names and images of many Fuller Park residents. Longtime community members, including the Soul Stitchers Earline Godrey and Hazel Murray, are located closer to the center of the quilt. Other references describe various facilities at Fuller Park, such as a swimming pool and a library. The large pink bird holding a ball represents the Flamingos, a 16-inch softball team that plays alumni games at the park. Overall, this dynamic composition documents many important facets of Fuller Park’s history, preserving its heritage for future generations.

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Community Quilt | Artwork

331 W. 45th St
Chicago, IL 60609
United States