Small bridge installed in a tree that says "Right" on one side and "Wrong" on the other.

Lakefront Trail
Chicago, IL 60640

Location Notes:

East of Lakefront path at Wilson

Artist: Actual Size Artworks
Year Created: 2017
Features: Outdoor, Temporary, Sculpture



Artist's Statement: Bridges have many associations in the collective imagination – ideas about movement, progress, connection, and the human mark upon the landscape are often attached to bridges. They appear in literature and films, architecture and sculpture, mythology and painting. They link one thing to another, for better or worse, and a bridge seems like a poetic metaphor for the way the natural environment creates shared networks that ignore human borders. This bridge spells out two conditions: “right” and “wrong,” but it’s not clear which side is which. We would like our sculpture to visibly manifest the idea of a connection between human beings, and between humans and the environment.

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Conundrum | Artwork

Lakefront Trail
Chicago, IL 60640
United States