Sunshine Daydream Playground

1850 S. Albany Ave.
Chicago, IL 60623

Features: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface
Is Accessible
Note: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface



Sunshine Daydream Playground is a musically-themed play space, appropriately named after the famed rock band Grateful Dead’s popular song that bears the same name. The playground features a design inspired by musical instruments. Activities on the unique playground include cello spinning, piano climbing, xylophone playing, drumming and more. The playground was funded, in part, through a partnership with Airbnb Partners. 

Sunshine Daydream Playground was completed in Summer 2016 as part of Mayor Emanuel’s Chicago Plays! playground renovation program. Through Mayor Emanuel's Chicago Plays! playground initiative, 327 playgrounds across the city were built or renovated from 2013 through 2016, ensuring every child in every neighborhood is within a 10- minute walk of a park or playground.

Map & Facilities

Douglass Playground - Sunshine Daydream

1850 S. Albany Ave.
Chicago, IL 60623
United States