The Homebound Artwork on display at DuSable Harbor.

200 N Breakwater Access
Chicago, IL 60601

Location Notes:

Located next to the Anita Dee boat charter, which is at the nexus of where the Riverwalk and Lakefront path meet.

Located Within: Grant (Ulysses) Park
Installation Duration: At least through May 30, 2024
Artist: Leonard Suryajaya
Medium: Aluminum
Year Created: 2023
Installed: 2023
Other Designer: ChiLab Studio
Owner: Leonard Suryajaya
Features: Outdoor, Temporary, Sculpture



Homebound is a memorial to our relationship with earth as home. It takes inspiration from Maneki-Neko, or “lucky cat,” and deconstructed fruit stands.

Three heads proudly emerge from the ground framing the sun path, lake, and river, mimicking the river’s intersection.

Fruits in disguise are scattered around like offerings on an altar. It is adorned with familiar eyes and photographic artifacts from the artist’s home in Chicago and hometown in Indonesia.

It’s a reminder of the beauty and immeasurable value of where we come from.


Limited paid parking is available at the DuSable Harbor parking lot.

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Homebound | Artwork

200 N Breakwater Access
Chicago, IL 60601
United States