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This ornamental (non-food producing) garden is maintained by volunteers from the community for the beautification of the park and enjoyment of park patrons. It consists of two beds of perennials in front of the western entrance to Little Cubs Field. Plants include lavender cotton, English lavender, yarrow, garden phlox, Russian sage, purple coneflower, firecracker and pine leaf penstemons, and catmint. Our purpose is to provide a space where people can meet, come together, learn, and work while creating lasting relationships.

In 2023, the garden was named "Gio's Garden" in memory of Giovannie Sanchez. Giovannie grew up and spent most of his free time in Humboldt Park. Gio went to summer camp and volunteered with his family for Earth Day and Pumpkin Patch Day. He played pamper league on the Boathouse diamonds, won two youth baseball championships in the Little Cubs Field, umpired women’s softball games on Diamond 7, and played semi-fast softball as a young man on Diamond 3. Gio was destined to work for the Chicago Park District and began that path.

Unfortunately, on June 12, 2023, eleven days after his 21st birthday, Gio drowned in the Illinois State River at Starved Rock. To continue the legacy of Giovannie, the Giovannie Sanchez Foundation was formed with two main missions: to support first responders, search and rescue teams, and organization that support those specific teams; and to provide sponsorship opportunities to youth baseball programs and scholarship opportunities to aspiring high school athletes.

For information on volunteer days or other ways to participate, please contact Amy Vega at amyavega@gmail.com.

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