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Monday: 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am-9:00 pm
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Located in the Beverly community area, Hurley Park totals 1.54 acres and it is an ideal location for families to spend a portion of their day relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. This park contains a soft-surface playground with swings, slides, and climbing equipment.


Hurley Park was created by the Ridge Park District, one of 22 independent park boards consolidated into the Chicago Park District in 1934. Between 1920 and 1930, the population of the Ridge Park District's fashionable Beverly neighborhood increased by nearly 80%. In January, 1923, residents living in the vicinity of 100th Street and Longwood Drive petitioned for creation of a neighborhood community center there. The Ridge Park District took quick action, purchasing a 1.21 acre parcel of land the following year. In 1928, Beverly-based Hetherington & Son, Architects, designed a wading pool, shelter house, and comfort station for the small site. Long since demolished, these features nestled into the natural grades of the Tinley groundmoraine. This glacial slope provides the well-drained high ground that nurtures the park's impressive stand of burr, red, and white oaks. Historically, the park was informally known as 100th Street Park and Park No. 178. In 1973, the Chicago Park District officially named the property Shamrock Park as part of a city-wide program to name parks for trees and plants. In 1984, the park district renamed the site in honor of Father Timothy J. Hurley (1870--1946). Born in Ireland and ordained in Baltimore, Maryland, Father Hurley organized Beverly's St. Barnabas Catholic parish in 1924, and oversaw construction of its church building just a block from the park. Father Hurley served as St. Barnabas' pastor from its 1924 formation until his death in 1946.

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1901 W. 100th St.
Chicago, IL 60643


1901 W. 100th St.
Chicago, IL 60643

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