Large figure shaped like a fish woven out of branches and sitting in the top of a dead tree.

8930 S Muskegon Ave
Chicago, IL 60617

Location Notes:

East 90th and Muskegon Ave. 

Located Within: Bessemer (Henry) Park
Artist: Marc Schneider
Medium: Woven branches
Year Created: 2015
Features: Outdoor, Temporary, Sculpture



The Chicago Tree Project (CTP) is a collaborative initiative between the Chicago Park District and Chicago Sculpture International. The CTP is an annual citywide effort to transform sick and dying trees into vibrant public art rather than cutting them down. Using art as a vessel for public engagement, sculptors transform trees into fun and whimsical experiences for the greater Chicago community. Each year, twelve new trees are installed throughout the city. A complete map and more information can be found at

Artist's Statement: The most personally rewarding and gratifying work I have ever done has been to make functional sculptural birdhouses, and to install them outside in nature, transforming the environment with natural materials. It is part of putting a little back into nature what I take away from it.

I have created sculptural objects with tree bark and organic mediums extensively for over 20 years. Working with tree elements is my passion.

My approach with natural materials is to create pieces that are suggested by the shape and feel of the wood itself. To me, trees are very spiritual and provide us with some basic elements that that make life, as we know it, possible.

When I create works of art from trees and organic matter, I hope that will increase the public awareness of nature and celebrate the life of a tree and its ability to affect its surroundings.

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8930 S Muskegon Ave
Chicago, IL 60617
United States