A woman runs along the pedestrian section of the newly divided Lakefront Trail, near Theater on the Lake.

Lakefront Trail Closure

Chicago’s Lakefront Trails welcome residents and visitors from around the City. Running from Ardmore Ave. on the north, to 71st St. on the south, the trails provide important access to the lake for recreational purposes and have increasingly become an active transportation route for many Chicagoans. On any given day activity along the trails includes people commuting to work, training for marathons, caregivers with children in strollers, tourists on rental bikes, teens on skateboards, and thousands of other people taking a leisurely stroll.

In spring 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel laid out plans for the Lakefront Trail Separation Project.  As of December 15, 2018, the former 18-mile combined use trail has been separated into an 18-mile Bike Trail and 18.5-mile Pedestrian Trail.  Now, with the trail project completed, congestion will be alleviated providing a better overall park experience along Chicago’s lakefront.

Lakefront Trail Separation Project was made possible, in part, by the generosity of Ken Griffin.

Lakefront Trail Separation Project Complete

Landscape restoration and remaining general cleanup work to be completed in Spring 2019.

Trail Symbols 

To ensure the safety of all users, please review the Symbols Guide before accessing the trails.

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Trail Maps 

View a Map of Lakefront Trail Closures 

View the Entire Lakefront Trails Map

View a map of each segment below.

Park Segment Map
Lincoln Park Ardmore to Montrose

View Ardmore - Montrose map

Lincoln Park Montrose to Fullerton
View Montrose - Fullerton map
Lincoln Park Fullerton to North
View Fullerton - North map
Lincoln Park North to Oak
View North - Oak map
Lincoln Park  Oak to Ohio
View Oak - Ohio map
Grant Park Chicago River to Roosevelt Rd. 
View Grant Park map
Burnham Park Roosevelt to 31st St. 
View Roosevelt - 31st St. map
Burnham Park 31st to 35th St. 
View 31st - 35th St. map
Burnham Park 35th to 41st St. 
View 35th - 41st St. map
Burnham Park 41st to 55th St. 
View 41st - 55th St. map
Jackson Park 55th to 71st

View 55th to 71st St. map


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