Hours Notes

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is open from 6 am to dusk each day.  All other natural areas are open from 6 am to 11 pm daily.


Within Lincoln Park are some of the Park District's oldest natural areas, totaling to 78.3 acres of woodlands, prairies, dunes, savannas, and native gardens.

The Kathy Osterman Beach Natural Area is 2.9 acres of native dune habitat, located on the north end of Kathy Osterman Beach in the Edgewater community.  Here, beachgoers can observe the beauty of native dune grasses and flowering plants as part of their lakefront experience.  

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary Natural Area is 15.4 acres of native prairie, savanna and woodland habitats within Lincoln Park.  It is one of the top birding spots in the city, and is known by birders across the globe.  It's location along the shores of Lake Michigan as well as the diversity of resting and foraging grounds make it a magnet for millions of migratory birds that pass through Chicago every year.

Montrose Beach Dunes Natural Area is 12.6 acres of dune habitat within Lincoln Park.  This site offers much needed resting and foraging for migratory and residient shore birds.  

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool is a 3.1 acre enclosed garden, featuring native plants, trees, and a lily pool, located within Lincoln Park immediately adjacent to Lincoln Park Zoo. It was designed by landscape architect Alfred Caldwell to resemble a river meandering through a Midwestern prairie. A stone walk encircles the pool, and there is also a pavillion and council ring. 

North Pond Natural Area is 12.5 acres of native wetland, prairie, and savanna habitat, located around North Pond (within the larger Lincoln Park) in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Bird watchers, joggers, and fishermen alike can find a spot that speaks to them within this iconic location.

The South Pond Natural Area is an 11.9 acre waterbody with native plants around its edges located in the middle of the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The Marovitz Savanna Natural Area in combination with natural wooded areas in the nearby Marovitz Golf Course are 9.1 acres of prairie and savanna habitat within Lincoln Park. The lakefront bike trail runs along the western edge of the savanna.  

The Peace Garden is 0.3 acres of native plantings within Lincoln Park, in the Buena Park neighborhood.  In the mid-1980s, the Chicago Park District worked with Greenpeace Great Lakes and members of the Uptown community to renovate an exisitng rock garden and install native plants.  This tranquil garden provides a respite for bikers, joggers, and walkers along the lake front path.

The Bill Jarvis Migratory Bird Sanctuary is 10.5 acres of native woodland, wetland and savanna habitats within Lincoln park. There is a bird viewing platform that gives elevated views into the sanctuary and of the wetland. 

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