North Pond Natural Area
Prairie planting at North Pond

2610 N Cannon Dr
Chicago, IL 60614

Located Within: Lincoln (Abraham) Park
Features: Lagoon, Prairie, Wetland, Woodland, ADA Path, Birding Area
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Natural areas are open from dawn to dusk daily.


North Pond Natural Area, located within Lincoln Park, contains 13 acres of native aquatic, wetland, and prairie habitat. Originally, this site was a scrub oak sand dune, which eventually became a dumping ground before it was converted into the restored natural area it is today. Due to its proximity to Lake Michigan, the coastline of which is a well-traveled flyway for migratory wildlife, North Pond was the location where the City of Chicago and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service jointly signed an Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds in 2000. In addition to migratory birds, local mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and other wildlife are attracted to and supported by the native habitat at North Pond Natural Area.

The natural area has benefited greatly from the dedication and hard work of community volunteers, hosted in partnership with The Lincoln Park Conservancy, who collect and scatter native seed, plant native species, pick up trash, monitor vegetation and birds, and remove invasive species. Learn more about these kinds of volunteer opportunities by visiting our Community Stewardship Program page.

Help keep wildlife wild, safe, and healthy by following posted signage and Natural Areas Rules and Regulations.


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Lincoln Park - North Pond

2610 N Cannon Dr
Chicago, IL 60614
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