During community planning meetings led by North River Commission (NRC) and its partners, the Cambodian Association of Illinois and Northeastern Illinois University, and with support from LISC Chicago and The Joyce Foundation, residents of Albany Park decided they wanted to have a Multicultural Sculpture and Healing Garden in Ronan Park.

The project came to fruition in 2012 with the installation of the sculpture garden's first artworks. Chinese American sculptor Shenchen Xu created Happy Family, an installation focusing on the connection of humans a??nd nature, in which human figures look as though they are sproating like plants. Artist Indira Johnson created the Emerging Buddha and partnered with NRC to place 10 sculptures throughout the Albany Park community. This project highlights the power of arts to transform place, space and meaning within the community. One Buddah head is now permanently placed in the sculpture garden. A future installation, entitled Neang Kung-King by Chhoueth Tuy depicts the Cambodian Earth Deity, the symbolic mother of the Khmer people.


Map & Facilities

3000 W. Argyle St.
Chicago, IL 60625

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