Hours Notes

Natural areas are open from dawn to dusk daily.


Northerly Island Natural Area juts south into Lake Michigan and is teeming with diverse native prairie, savanna, wetland, and aquatic habitats. Its 6-acre pond is directly connected to Lake Michigan at the southern end of the peninsula. A retaining wall from the 1933 World’s Fair remains at the center of the pond and serves as a popular hangout for wetland birds and other wildlife. Surrounding the pond is a multi-use trail the meanders through upland prairie and savanna habitats. Hills up to 50’ tall form a dramatic landscape with the Chicago skyline as a backdrop.

Help keep wildlife wild, safe, and healthy by following posted signage and Natural Areas Rules and Regulations.

Map & Facilities

Northerly Island Natural Area

1400 S. Linn White Dr.
Chicago, IL 60605
United States