The Chicago Tree Project (CTP) is a collaborative initiative between the Chicago Park District and Chicago Sculpture International. The CTP is an annual citywide effort to transform sick and dying trees into vibrant public art rather than cutting them down. Using art as a vessel for public engagement, sculptors transform trees into fun and whimsical experiences for the greater Chicago community. Each year, twelve new trees are installed throughout the city. A complete map and more information can be found at

Artist's Statement: Shards of the Rainbow is a collection of colors, in the form of segments or "shards," collected onto a tree and conceptualized as a spectrum of a rainbow. Each shard is a representation of our diverse population and its diverse nature and character. We should accept this diversity and see it as a beautiful occurrence.

Each shard is a piece of reclaimed wood. This creates a life cycle for trees manufactured into lumber and brought back to accompany the living organism. This artwork is a call to reuse and reconceptualize materials, particularly building materials, which are heavily consumed and discarded even if they are still a viable material.

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Shards of the Rainbow | Artwork

3015 West Division Street
Chicago, IL 60622
United States