In 2010, the Chicago Park District and the Weisman Park Advisory Council worked together to fund and create a new playground at Weisman Park in the Lakeview neighborhood on the city’s North Side. The project included a water spray feature for young children. Determining that the blank concrete surfaces could provide an opportunity to incorporate public art into the design of the playground, advisory council members raised additional money for a mosaic to enliven the water wall. They chose an aquatic theme in keeping with the function of the spray feature.

Working closely with the Chicago Park District, the advisory council selected Martha Crandall of the Chicago Mosaic School to create the artwork. Martha Crandall received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is a founding faculty member of the Chicago Mosaic School and owner of Studio B Mosaic Design in Chicago.

Entitled Something Fishy, the artwork depicts a whimsical underwater scene. The artist positioned three large fish around each of the jets. In presenting the artwork to the public, President of the Weisman Park Advisory Council Marie Poppy commented: “We hope the kids will find this piece fun to play in as when the water is turned on [it] will spray from the fishes mouths.”

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Something Fishy | Artwork

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