Lameck Bonjisi (1973–2004), a Shona sculptor created Unconditional Love in the mid 1990s. This artwork and another Shona sculpture entitled Elegant Beauty, were donated to the DuSable Museum by Sheila Handwerker in 2012. Born in Rusa Zimbabwe, at the age of seventeen Bonjisi began serving as an assistant to Nicholas Mukomberanwa (1940–2002) one of the leading artists of the Shona Sculpture Movement. Lameck went on to help train his brothers Witness, Lovemore, and Tafunga Bonjisi, who all continue to be successful artists in Zimbabwe today. Lameck Bonjisi, who died at the age of thirty, created Unconditional Love in the mid 1990s. Composed of Opal Stone, it depicts the faces of two figures, perhaps a mother and child, in a loving posture, with one head tucked under the chin of the other.

Location: Adjacent to entryway of DuSable Museum of African American History

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