Summer in the Parks starts with day camp! The Chicago Park District staff takes great pride in planning an awesome summer day camp experience for our campers.  In addition, we want to provide the parents with peace of mind – knowing your kids are well taken care of at the park.

Throughout the summer, parents and campers can have interaction with the following park staff members:

  • Park Supervisor/Playground Supervisor (year-round staff)
  • Day Camp Director (year-round staff)
  • Recreation Leader (year-round & seasonal staff)
  • Junior Counselor (seasonal volunteer)


Park Supervisor/Playground Supervisor
In respect to day camp, the Park Supervisor is responsible for all aspects of the program, which includes meeting with the Day Camp Director to review and approve the camp calendar and schedule, establish expectations, train all summer and year-round staff regarding day camp at their park, and oversee day camp operations to ensure the safety of all campers, patrons and staff.  The Park Supervisor reports to the Area Manager.

Day Camp Director
Typically a full-time instructor from the park fulfills the camp director role.  At some parks, the park supervisor performs the camp director responsibilities.  These responsibilities include both the planning and execution of day camp.  Planning work includes creating the camp calendar and daily rotation schedules including all planned activities, researching and scheduling field trips, and setting up the parent orientation. Camp execution includes preparing and conducting local training for seasonal staff; providing direction, leadership and conflict resolution for staff and campers; handling disciplinary issues with campers and/or parents if needed and communicating with parents/guardians regularly.  In addition to the year-round recreation training these employees receive, prior to camp each Director receives eight hours of specialized camp training.  The Camp Director reports to the Park Supervisor.

Recreation Leader
The Recreation Leader is responsible for leading and participating in all camp activities and games with the group of campers for which he/she is responsible.  As part of this role, the recreation leader helps to establish and enforce camp rules and standards, accompanies groups of campers on field trips (including bus rides), works with the Day Camp Director to help plan daily activities, and most importantly keeps campers active, engaged, and safe.  All individuals in this position participate in a four-day Recreation Leader training.  The minimum age requirement is 16.  Recreation Leaders report to the Day Camp Director.

Rec Leader in Training (RIT)
Rec Leaders in Training are 13-15-year-old program participants who assist with day camp activities at some parks.  Following a weekly standardized curriculum, participants learn to inspire and engage others through weekly leadership lessons, games, activities, and art, while fostering a love for recreation. The program is designed to prepare the next generation of Chicago Park District Recreation Leaders.  


To be employed by the Chicago Park District, applicants must complete our hiring and selection process.