Workforce Development offers centralized training and professional development for all staff at the Chicago Park District.  Our conferences and workshops provide staff throughout the district an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledgebase, introduce them to higher levels of service and, ultimately, increase their ability to meet the needs of Chicago citizens and visitors.

The mission of the Workforce Development department is to inspire quality through a centralized system that elevates the District to the highest possible standard by utilizing consistent training, evaluation, tracking, policy recommendations, and accreditation.

In line with the District's vision, Workforce Development has instituted four core values.

  • Professionalism:  We believe that training, development, and accreditation will help the Chicago Park District become a more professional environment that Chicago citizens and visitors will want to turn to for all their leisure and recreation needs.
  • Consistency:  We are committed to offering consistent quality service and developing resources, such as handbooks, that our staff can easily access.
  • Employee and Customer Focused:  We believe that decisions need to be based on both the employee and the customer and solutions that benefit everyone must be developed.
  • Optimism:  We are focused on creating solutions.