What are the program registration dates for this year?
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Can I view activities without registering for an account or logging into my account?

Yes, you can always browse through the activities without registering for an account or logging into an established account. Click View Activities button from the registration home page. Logging into your account is required to add an activity to your wish list or to register for an activity.

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How does the wish list work?

The Park District encourages everyone to create a wish list and save the program(s) for which you want to register. Please note that you are saving only the program in your wish list, not actual slots in the program. When you are ready to register and you click on the program from your wish list, at that time you can order multiple slots in the program by entering multiple names. Creating your wish list prior to the first day of online registration will save you time on that first day, which gives you a better chance of getting a spot before they fill up. Learn more about the wish list.

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How do I register online for an activity?

In addition to reading the steps below, please view the screen shots to view the complete registration process.

Once your account has been established, registration for activities is easy:

1) Click the Login button OR the Activities button on the registration home page.

2)   If you clicked the Login button on the home page:
On the next screen, enter in your login and password to sign-in.  On the following screen (Account Options), select Register for an Activity/Event/League, under Other Services. 
If you clicked the Activities button on the home page:
You’ll be taken to the Activity Search & Registration Page. You will be prompted to enter your login information further along in the registration process.

3) On the Activity Search page, select the activity that you would like to enroll into by clicking on the underlined activity name.

4) On the Activity Detail page, Click the "Add to My Cart" button* if you wish to register for the activity. *If this button is not available, the selected activity is not available for online registration.

5) You’ll be prompted now to enter your login and password to sign-in, if you haven’t yet logged in.

6) On the Participant Information page, choose a participant and click Continue.  You are only able to select a person that was previously added to your account.  You may add to your account by clicking on the "Create a New Family Member" link.

7) Once on the Enrollment Detail page, review the fees for your registration. If you wish to register another member of your family to this same activity, click "Register Another Participant."  Otherwise, click "Proceed to Shopping Cart.

8) Review your cart. You may edit or remove each entry in your cart. Click "Waiver" to review our waiver text, and then click the checkbox to acknowledge that you have done so.
Then you may click "Check Out" to proceed and pay; or use the Continue Shopping options to register for more activities.

9) On the Payment Information page, enter your credit card information. This system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The name and address provided upon checkout must match those that are on file with your credit card company.  When finished, click "Next" - this will complete your order.

10) Once your payment has been approved, your receipt will display. Please print a copy of your receipt for your records.

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Can I register for a program on a mobile device?

Yes, our registration site can be used on a mobile device.

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Can I register my friends’ or family members’ children?

The system will allow you to enter non-family members on your account, which would be required in order for you to register them.  If you choose to do this, it's critical that the contact and emergency information be accurately changed for these individuals.  Please note that registrations are not transferable.

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Is there a time limit for completing my order?

Yes, once you have a program(s) saved in your cart, you have 15 minutes to complete the payment information.

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Is payment required for all programs?

A maximum processing fee of $4.00 is applied to all orders that have a fee associated with them.  The processing fee is charged per transaction, not program. So, if you sign up for one program that has a fee associated with it or five programs, you will only be charged a maximum of $4.00 for the entire processing fee.  A processing fee in not charged for free programs.

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What forms of payment are accepted when registering online?

The following credit cards are accepted through the registration system:
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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Is it safe to save my credit card information for future transactions?

Rest assured that your credit card information is safe with ACTIVE Network. To protect your information ACTIVE complies with the strict Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards guidelines. Your credit card number will be fully encrypted, and will never be shown in its entirety; only the last four digits will ever be displayed. Additionally, ACTIVE never saves your security code.

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How will the registration fee appear on my statement?

The fee will display as ACT*CPD 312-742-PLAY / 877-228-4881 CA.

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After registering online, what do I need to do to follow-up in person at the park?

Print out your receipt at the end of your online transaction and keep a copy for your records.
When you go to the park for the first day of the program, staff will confirm your registration through the system.  You are welcome to bring in your receipt with you.

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What is the Refund and Cancellation Policy?

A 15% service charge will be deducted from all cancellations. This includes duplicate and accidental registrations. All refund requests must be made in-person at the park where the program is being held, at least two weeks before the program’s scheduled start date. No refund requests will be accepted after the two-week point. Please allow up to six weeks for your refund to be processed.


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What if the program I want sells out online right away, what can I do?

If the program is available for online registration only:
A waiting list will take effect online immediately.  Once you try to register for a program that has been sold out, you can be added to the waiting list.  Make sure to complete the registration process to confirm you’re added to the list.  If spots become available, the park supervisor will contact patrons based on their position on the list.

If the program has both online and in-person registration available:
First, try to register in-person at the park.  Parks begin in-person registration on the following Saturday or Monday after online registration begins.  Contact the park to confirm their date and time.
If you don’t get a spot at in-person registration, then ask at the park to add you to the waiting list. The waiting list doesn't take effect until the in-person spots fill up. If spots become available, the park supervisor will contact patrons based on their position on the list.

Many parks do not sell out online on the first day so we encourage you to also consider another location.

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