Pre-Qualified Pools

Pool Name: Design and Engineering Services - Architecture
Industry: Architectural Services
Specification Number: P-11007
Vendor Name
AECOM Services of Illinois, Inc.
Bailey Edward Design, Inc.
Booth Hansen Ltd.
Brook Architecture, Inc.
Built Form, LLC
Daniel P. Coffey & Associates, Ltd
David Mason & Associates of Illinois, Ltd.
David Woodhouse Architects, LLC
Eifler & Associates
exp. US Services, Inc.
FGM Architects, Inc.
Fitzgerald Earles Architects, Inc.
Fox and Fox Architects
Fox and Fox Architects
Ghafari Associates, LLC
Globetrotters Engineering Corporation
Hanno Weber and Associates
Harding Partners
Hasbrouck, Peterson, Zimoch, Sirirattumrong
HBRA Architects, Inc.
HOH Architects, Inc.
Johnson & Lee Architects
Kaltsouni Mehdi, Inc.
Knight E/A Inc.
LCM Architects, LLC
Legat Architects
McDonough Associates, Inc.
Milhouse Engineering and Construction, Inc.
Mode Architects
Moody Nolan, Inc.
Morris Architects Planners, Inc.
MRA Architects, Ltd.
Muller and Muller Ltd.
Primera Engineers, Ltd.
RADA Architects, Ltd.
Ross Barney Architects, Inc.
Schroeder Murchie Niemiec Gazda-Auskalnis (SMNG-A) Architects, Ltd.
STL Architects, Inc.
Studio Gang Architects, Ltd.
Studio GC, Inc.
T. Y. Lin International Great Lakes, Inc.
Urban Works, Ltd.
Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, Inc.
Weiss Architects, LLC
Wight & Company
Williams Associates Architects, Ltd
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.