Chicago Park District Code

45-Day Notice Period to Amend Chapter VII, Section E of the Code of the Chicago Park District
Posted until September 28, 2020

The District wishes to update procedures associated with naming and renaming parks and park features. Additionally, the District wishes to add additional language associated with the renaming of already named parks. This action would include a name removal period and the procedures associated there within. 

Review the Notice of Amendment and Provide Comments


Code Change 45-Day Notice Process

The Chicago Park District reviews the code on a rolling basis to ensure that all updates are reflected accurately. Recommendations for amendments to the Code of the Chicago Park District are submitted before the board for approval to initiate a 45-day notice process. The proposed recommendations are then, placed on the Chicago Park District website for the purposes of soliciting public input. Once the 45-day notice period has passed and all comments have been received, the proposed recommended amendments will be submitted to the board for final approval and published to the Chicago Park District Website. Please click here to view proposed amendments.


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