The Chicago Park District invites individuals, companies and organizations to work with us through the various opportunities listed below. 

Concession Program

Chicago's parks are home to more than 200 concessionaires who provide unique dining, shopping and recreational opportunities throughout the city.  UCG Associates manages all aspects of the Chicago Park District concessionaire program.  Learn more about this program including the concession vendors currently in the parks and opportunities for new vendors.



The Chicago Park District purchases millions of dollars of goods and services on an annual basis.  The purchasing process is managed by the Park District's Department of Purchasing.  Learn more about the Chicago Park District and how to conduct business with us by participating in our contracting opportunities.  


Sponsorship, Advertising & Promotion Opportunities

The Chicago Park District is actively seeking partners to invest in our mission and provide financial support that helps improve upon and expand the recreation opportunities we offer throughout the city.  From program, event and property sponsorships to advertising and promotions, we look forward to helping companies and brands connect with Chicagoans in our parks and make a difference.  Learn more about these opportunities.


ARCS Partner Program

The Chicago Park District welcomes and encourages collaborations that enhance and support our mission. The Athletic Use, Resident, Contractor, and Service Provider (ARCS) program enables community groups, organizations, and businesses to enter into a mutual agreement to provide mission-centered programs and services to the public on Park District property.  Learn more about ARCS and, if there is a match, apply today!