With more than 8,800 acres of land and over 600 parks, the Chicago Park District is one of the largest municipal park managers in the nation, serving a city with a population of nearly 3 million people. Are you interested in reaching our city’s diverse audience? Learn more about our advertising, sponsorship, and promotions opportunities in and around the parks! 








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Advertising in our parks offers a unique opportunity to showcase your brand or company and leave an imprint on local residents, park patrons, and vehicle traffic traveling in and around our parks across the City of Chicago. For neighborhood park advertising, we offer banner placement on park exterior fence lines and have digital displays within some of our parks. We also offer lakefront advertising! The Chicago Lakefront is an active and eco-friendly way to explore Chicago and its incredible views along an impressive 18.5-mile long stretch. The lakefront covers neighborhoods such as The Loop, South Loop, downtown/Streeterville, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and more. On behalf of the Chicago Park District, StreetSmart manages 24 eye-level wallscapes and free Wi-Fi network advertising. The lakefront offers an uncluttered advertising opportunity to showcase your client’s brand/product at high-trafficked Chicago lakefront walkways. Capture the attention and interest of thousands of daily visitors while they are in a relaxed state of mind.

Lakefront Wallscapes Map
The following map features the Lakefront wallscape locations. See a photo of each wallscape by clicking on the location below.



Reach your audience at the parks by becoming a sponsor today! Whether it be a lakefront park or a neighborhood park nestled in the interior of the city, our prime Chicago Park District locations are perfect for consumers looking to do business. Explore and discover the different event, program, and property sponsorship opportunities available in our parks! 

Event Sponsorships

The Park District provides thousands of hours of safe, diverse, and unique programming that celebrates Chicago’s rich cultural tapestry in parks in every neighborhood of the city.
Through theater, music, movies, dance, nature programs, and community festivals, the Chicago Park District brings high-caliber performances and world-class cultural events into our parks.
Event Sponsorships will connect you to audiences while supporting the following unique opportunities:

  • Movies 
    The Chicago Park District has been providing FREE cinema entertainment in our neighborhood parks during the summer for over 20 years! Typically, from June-September, there are 100+ showings in over 100 parks! Movies are presented in over 60 neighborhoods, with approximately 35,000 viewers! 
  • Halloween 
    Chicago’s parks are spook-tacular with festive Halloween events during the month of October! On average, over 25,000 people celebrate fall festivities in Chicago’s parks.
  • Polar Adventure Days
    Polar Adventure Days offer families the opportunity to explore the outdoors at our nature centers during the winter! There are usually three events between December-February with over 5,000 attendees! 
  • Local Community Sponsorships
    Night Out in the Parks brings neighbors together to laugh, dance, sing and engage, activating neighborhood parks across our 77 areas with robust cultural events year-round! If there is a specific event or park you might be interested in, local community sponsorships are a great way to give back to resident neighborhoods. 
Program Sponsorships 

Annually, more than 350,000 people participate in thousands of sports, recreational, cultural and environmental programs offered by the Chicago Park District! 

  • Teens
    The Park District offers events, job opportunities, and programming for teens in Chicago to engage, connect, learn, and earn year round. We offer teen centers, our TIP Fest talent competition, specialty camps, teen opportunity fairs, and more for 20,000 participants each year! 
  • Girls P.L.A.Y
    The Girls P.L.A.Y initiative works to provide girls with expanded opportunities in sports, recreation and empowerment activities through programs, events and camps year-round. On certain days when school is out, Girls Day of Play activations occur at 18 locations across the city. Over 3,000 participants annually! 
  • Rollin’ Rec
    The Rollin' Recreation activity van offers active fun for the whole family at a number of parks throughout the city. Staff coordinate sports, games and fitness activities that inspire communities to stay healthy and have fun together at their local park. From July-September, the vans impact nearly 5,000 participants in 48 parks across the city! 
  • Wellness 
    All year long, we promote, educate, and motivate Chicagoans of all ages and abilities to adopt a healthier lifestyle through moving more and eating better! With over 70+ fitness centers, our Chicago Moves Day event, and fitness classes, we have 40,000 participants annually!
  • Seniors 
    Park District seniors partake in a variety of fun-filled events that are organized in their local parks. 30,000 seniors annually participate in senior luncheons, games, and dances! 
Property Sponsorships 

With over 600 park locations with various amenities at every park, there are many opportunities to sponsor properties throughout the year! 

  • Harbors 
    The Chicago Harbors consist of 10 beautiful harbors situated along Chicago’s 14-mile lakeshore that together constitute the nation’s largest municipal harbor system. With the season happening May-October, over 6,000 boats have spaces along the lakefront! 
  • Ice Rinks
    Throughout the winter season, Chicago enjoys the outdoors at five outdoor ice rinks located throughout the city. In addition to open skate sessions, most rinks offer programming and events throughout the season. Over 30,000 people visit the rink between November-February! 
  • Beaches 
    The Chicago Park District manages the city's 26 miles of open and free lakefront for the enjoyment of Chicago residents and visitors. Swimming is permitted when lifeguards are on duty during May-September. Admission to Chicago's beaches is free and they see over 3 million visitors each year!
  • Golf courses
    The Park District offers golf facilities throughout Chicago. Amenities include five 9-hole courses, one 18-hole layout, miniature golf, driving ranges and practice greens. Opportunities are seasonal and year round, with almost 200,000 participants each year! 



Whether it be a lakefront park or a park nestled in the interior of the city, our prime locations are havens for consumers of all lifestyles. We offer various promotion, brand activation, and sampling programs! 

Promotion Permits are typically issued for events that are open to the public and engage individuals with the intent to publicize a product, brand, company, organization, or cause, to increase sales or public awareness. All proposed promotions are subject to Park District approval. The special event permit application can be found here

Promotions Map
The following map features some of our most popular park areas for promotion and sampling programs.