Process to Submit a Special Event Permit Application

Step 1 - Pay the initial $35.00 Permit Application Fee  

This processing fee is required for each application. Additional permit fees due after the date and location have been secured. Please note the application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Click Here for Pricing & Deadline Information

  Pay the 2024 Event Permit App Fee


Step 2 - Submit a completed Special Event Permit Application along with a site plan. 

Site plans are required for ALL events.  

A route map with step-off times is required for all run/walk/bike and parades.  

 COMPLETE & SUBMIT the 2024 Special Event Permit Application

Note: Step 1 must be completed first, as the receipt number is needed to complete the application.

Mobile users must save the PDF as a file before editing is possible. Application is best viewed in Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers. Best practice is to download the form, save the completed application, then submit via email to


Application Review 

The application review process takes a minimum of 14 days. Correspondence is sent via email to the account used to purchase the Special Event Permit Application Fee.  

If the requested date/location is available the applicant will receive an email with a link to the pending permit which is a conditional approval. 

If the requested date/location is unavailable, the applicant will be contacted via email for alternate options.  

If the request cannot be fulfilled, the applicant will receive an email notification that the application has been denied and the reason why. 

Permit Approval 

Upon receipt of the pending permit, additional fees and documents (such as insurance) are due according to the deadlines listed in the Special Event Permit Application and on the pricing page.  

Event organizers are required to obtain general liability insurance.  Rolei Financial Services (312) 654-8200 is the preferred provider, however organizers may use another provider of their own choosing. 

Once all the Park District’s requirements have been fulfilled, the Chicago Park District will issue its Special Event Permit for the event via email. 

Outdoor events held in the City of Chicago must complete a Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Event Permit Application if the event:

  • Will close City streets (street closures are not allowed for private events);
  • Will prepare food on a public street/sidewalk or private property (open to the public);
  • Will sell/serve alcohol;
  • Will sell merchandise;
  • Have tent(s) larger than 20 ft. x 20 ft. (400 sq. ft.); OR
  • Have stage(s) taller than 2 ft.

Deposit Refunds 

Security deposit refunds will be automatically submitted for processing within 30 business days after the event, presuming there are no damages or violations. Refunds are made to the original form of payment. If deposit is paid with cash, a check will be mailed. Checks are mailed to the address as listed on the permit holder’s account.


Additional Information

Choosing a Location

Prior to starting the application process, organizers must choose a location for their event. Lakefront Maps are available below or click here to Find a Facility. Because site availability information cannot be obtained prior to submitting an application, it is recommended that organizers provide as many alternative dates and/or locations in the space provided on the first page of the Special Event Permit Application. 

Lakefront Maps

Groves (Permittable Space) are denoted by a dark green circle with a grove number in the center. 

View our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about this process.
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