A permit is required for the following types of filming and photography

  • Non-commercial use, such as engagement, wedding, and other special occasions
  • Commercial, such as advertising, catalog photos, publications
  • Documentary
  • Web-based media
  • News media filming & photography 
  • Student projects
    • Student applicants will be required to submit proof of enrollment in an accredited school working on a class project, to qualify for a student rate.

2019 Permit Pricing

$35 Application Fee plus the following amounts:

Non-Commercial Photography

$45 (per location, per date)

Student filming

$45 (per location, per date)

Still Photography

$820 (per location, per date)

Filming Level 1 (1-5)*

$295 (per location, per date)

Filming Level 2 (6-12)*

$470 (per location, per date)

Filming Level 3 (13-20)*

$1,055 (per location, per date)

Filming Level 4 (21+)*

$1,935 (per location, per date)

Insurance requirements may apply.  Additional fees apply for set-up and tear-down days.  Additional fees apply for events held in Special Event Venues.  *Numbers in parenthesis indicate the quantity of crew, talent, vendors, volunteers, etc. at a shoot.


Reserving a Permit

Reserving a Permit for Non-Commercial Photography at the Following Select Locations

  • At Garfield & Lincoln Park Conservatories, and Buckingham Fountain - NEW Online reservations are available!
    Click on the button below to reserve a permit online for non-commercial media at Garfield & Lincoln Park Conservatories and Buckingham Fountain.

    Reserve a Non-Commerical Permit for Conservatories or Buckingham Fountain

  • At Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, Lincoln Park Zoo, Maggie Daley Park and Cancer Survivors Garden, Millennium Park, and Olive Park
    These sites are not managed by the Chicago Park District.  Please contact the location directly for media permits.
    * Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool | (773) 883-7275
    * Lincoln Park Zoo | (312) 742-2000
    * Maggie Daley Park & Cancer Survivors Garden | (312) 552-3000
    * Millennium Park |  (312) 744-6050
    * Olive Park |  (312) 744-8758
    Note: The fees listed above do not apply to these locations. Confirm fees with the location directly.  

Reserving a Permit for News Media Filming & Photography

To conduct a professional journalism-based activity on park property an approved News Media Confirmation Form is required.  To obtain this form, contact the Chicago Park District Department of Communications at (312) 742-4786. Fees do not apply for news media filming & photography.


Reserving a Permit for All Other Filming & Photography



For any additional questions, view our Frequently Asked Questions page, or call (312) 763-6710.