Procedures for Requesting to Name or Rename a Park or Feature

Request proposals should be submitted in writing to the General Superintendent. This letter requires demonstrated civic commitment/ extraordinary contribution be it locally or internationally. An individual name honoree must be deceased for one year and submit a biography with date of birth and death. Community support in the form of letters from organizations and individuals can be supporting material for proposal. A copy of the request will be forwarded to Board of Secretary and Planning staff.  Requests submitted does not constitute automatic board action, naming or renaming. Once the request and supporting documents have been reviewed, a referral may or may not be made for board review via proposal to initiate naming process. The process is initiated in two phases. The board approves each phase.

Phase I

Phase I initiates the 45-Day Notice period.  Upon approval from the board, this process notifies the community surrounding the park of the intent to name or rename a park or feature. The period lasts for 45-days during which members of the public can submit their support or opposition to the naming or renaming of the park or feature. Once phase I has been completed Phase II will begin.  

There are no 45-day notice periods for proposed park or park feature namings at this time.


Phase II

Upon the end of the 45-day notice period, comments of opposition and support will be reviewed to determine if Phase II will move forward. Once a review has been completed a recommendation will be made for Phase II to be initiated. The proposal will be presented before the board for approval. If approved the official naming will begin via notification of the park and support personnel for signage, etc.

The rules for this process can be found in Chapter 7, section E of the Chicago Park District Code.  View this section of the Code.