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Boxing Gyms

Youth Boxing Competition

The Chicago Park District boxing gyms are located at 20 parks across the city. These gyms offer youth and adults the opportunity to take lessons or train for competitions such as Golden Gloves and Boxing Shows.

Our boxing program features:

  • Instructors licensed by the U.S. Amateur Boxing Federation
  • Group and individual coaching
  • Fitness training and sparring experience
  • Local and citywide tournaments
  • Top notch boxing centers and equipment

What are the benefits of boxing?  This challenging and fun sport builds muscle tone and strength endurance, cardiovascular fitness and self-confidence. It's an aerobic exercise that is enjoyable and rewarding.

How do I sign-up?  Register online or visit the park boxing center nearest your (see list below).  Most youth boxing programs are for ages 8 and older.  Instruction is available for both first-time and experienced boxers.
View a list of the boxing programs available this season.

Gloves, head gear and training equipment are provided.  Personal items such as gym shorts, athletic shoes, and mouthpiece are the responsibility of each boxer.


SEARCH Boxing Gym

Ada Park11250 S. Ada St. 1 
Bessemer Park8930 S. Muskegon Ave. 1 
Brooks Park7100 N. Harlem Ave. 1 
Carver Park939 E. 132nd St. 1 
Davis Square Park4430 S. Marshfield Ave. 1 
Eckhart Park1330 W. Chicago Ave. 1 
Fuller Park331 W. 45th St  1 
Garfield Park100 N. Central Park Ave 1 
Hamlin Park3035 N. Hoyne Ave. 1 
Harrison Park1824 S. Wood St.  1 
Humboldt Park1400 N. Sacramento 1 
Loyola Park1230 W. Greenleaf Ave. 1 
Ogden Park6500 S. Racine Ave. 1 
Portage Park4100 N. Long Ave. 1 
Scottsdale Playground Park4637 W. 83rd St.  1 
Seward Park375 W. Elm St.  1 
Sheridan Park910 S. Aberdeen St.  1 
Simons Park1640 N. Drake Ave. 1 
Taylor Park39 W. 47th St.  1 
Trumbull Park2400 E. 105th St. 1