Lapidary Studios

Check out our lapidary studios - jewelry making at its finest, using metals and more.  Work with our creative team of instructors - join a class.

Participants of all levels and interests are given instruction on creating one-of-a-kind pieces like earrings, rings, necklaces, glass beads and more! The park district has three studios that are stocked with the tools needed. Once you create your first piece - you'll be hooked!

Meet our amazing instructors.

For Newbies at Lincoln Park CC: Most people who have never worked with metal before can find it scary. You are cutting, shaping, forming, texturizing and then you have to work with fire. So, it can be unnerving. That is why I have a program designed for first-timers to get them comfortable with the materials. They will learn the five basic processes: designing, cutting, shaping, forming, and soldering; and by the end of the 10 weeks they can have 5 to 7 pieces done.

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Berger Jewelry/Lapidary Studio (in South Mansion)

Berger Jewelry/Lapidary Studio (in South Mansion)

Location Notes:

Park: Berger Park

Park: (773) 761-0376

Green Briar Lapidary/Jewelry Shop

Green Briar Lapidary/Jewelry ShopPartial

Location (Park): 2650 W. Peterson Ave.

Park: Green Briar Park

Park: (773) 761-0582

Lincoln Jewelry/Lapidary Studio

Lincoln Jewelry/Lapidary Studio

Location (Park): 2045 N. Lincoln Park West

Facility: Lincoln Park Cultural Center

Facility: (312) 742-7726


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