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Judo at Chase Park
Judo Olympian at Chase Park
Judo Group at Chase Park
Teen mosaic at Chase Park
Colorful mosaic of swimmer by local teens.
Colorful mosaic at Chase Park created by our local teens.

Colorful mosaic by our local teens!

Chase Park Playground
Chase Park Playground

Chase Park Playground

Chase Park Gym - Tot Set-up

Chase Park Gym - Tot Set-up

Chase Park Tennis Outdoor Courts

Chase Park Tennis Outdoor Courts

Chase Park Tumblers.

Tumbling Team Members.


Chase Park

4701 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago IL 60640

Hours: +Park: 6am - 11pm

Fieldhouse: M-F 8am - 10pm, Sa 8am - 5pm, Su 9am - 4pm

Park Supervisor:
Katie Fearon-Peon

(312) 742-7518



Located in the Uptown community, Chase Park attracts a number of youth to its after-school program during the school year and to its outdoor pool in the summer months. Adults participate in men’s, women’s and mixed basketball leagues ranging from competitive to strictly recreational.

Throughout the year, the park offers indoor soccer, volleyball and softball leagues for adults, as well as a step aerobics class. Neighborhood parents gather at the park to participate in Moms, Pops and Tots and play groups for preschoolers. Others get involved as coaches for growing Saturday sports programs such as youth soccer, bitty basketball and t-ball.

Chase Park contains a 1/5-mile, four-lane, rubberized-surface running track, two baseball fields, one football/soccer field, four tennis courts and a large playground area.

Check out the new playground at the park! The 7,481-sq.-foot playground renovation features two sets of swings as well as two distinct play areas with equipment designed specifically for preschool-aged children and another for older children. New rubberized soft surfacing offers wheelchair accessibility and safer play.

Girls Tumbling in the Parks! Photo Gallery
Tumbling in the Parks! More than 300 girls recently competed in the north region girls tumbling meet at Warren Park. Check out some of the highlights... Read more
Spring Showcase at Chase
Event's details
June 06, 2014

Time:06:30 PM - 09:30 PM
4701 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago IL 60640

(06:30 PM - 09:30 PM)


Online registration for our park begins Tuesday, February 25 at 9 am, and in-person registration begins Saturday, March 1.  Spring programs run the week of March 31 through the week of June 2. 

Online registration for our park’s summer programs begins Tuesday, April 8 at 9 am, and in-person registration begins Saturday, April 12.  Our traditional 6-week summer camp program runs June 23 through August 1.  Most other summer programs run the week of June 16 through the week of August 18.

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Baseball Field 4701 N. Ashland Ave. Softball 2
Community Gardens 4701 N. Ashland Ave. Edible 1 Community Garden
Fieldhouse 4701 N. Ashland Ave. 0
Fitness Centers 4701 N. Ashland Ave. 1 M-F, 8am-9pm; Sa/Su, 8am-4pm; ADA accessible equipment Sign up for a membership
Football / Soccer - Grass 4701 N. Ashland Ave. 1
Gymnasiums 4701 N. Ashland Ave. 1
Meeting/Event Space 4701 N. Ashland Ave. 7 Auditorium with Stage
Playgrounds 4701 N. Ashland Ave. Rubberized Surface 1
Running Tracks 4701 N. Ashland Ave. 1 1/5-mile, four-lane, rubberized-surface
Swimming Pools - Outdoor 4701 N. Ashland Ave. 0 Pool closed for the season. Accessibility feature: Lift
Tennis Courts 4701 N. Ashland Ave. 4

In 1920, the Lincoln Park Commission converted a deserted semi-professional baseball field into Chase Park. Known as Gunther Park, the ball field was home to the Niesen-Gunther team beginning in 1905. The facility went out of business in 1913, during the construction of Chicago's north side professional baseball field, Wrigley Field. A community member suggested the conversion of the old ball field into a park in 1914, and several years later the Ravenswood Improvement Association and some local officials petitioned for the park. The Lincoln Park Commission finally began land acquisition in 1920. Within the next two years, tennis courts, a playground, an athletic field, a wading pool, and a fieldhouse were constructed in Chase Park. In 1934, the Lincoln Park Commission was consolidated into the Chicago park district. The Park district demolished chas Park's original fieldhouse and replaced it with a new building in 1976.

Chase Park was one of seven neighborhood parks created by the Lincoln Park Commission. Five of them were named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln's cabinet members. Chase Park honors Salmon P. Chase (1803-1873), who served as Lincoln's secretary of the treasury from 1861 to 1864. In late 1864, Lincoln appointed Chase Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Early in his career, Chase became well known as a defender of runaway slaves and leader in the anti-slavery movement. As one of his initial acts as Chief Justice, he appointed John Rock, the nation's first African-American attorney to argue before the Supreme Court.

Contact: Margaret O'Connor

Contact Title: Vice-President

Phone: (773) 561-4615


Meeting Date/Time: 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

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