Nature in the Parks


Nature is abundant in Chicago!

With more than 50 natural areas, 90 annual gardens, a number of unique green facilities like the Garfield and Lincoln Park Conservatories, volunteer workdays and a variety of environmental programs and events held throughout the city, Chicago parks are the place to appreciate and enjoy nature in the city.

We invite you to come out and enjoy nature in Chicago's parks!


TNF_EYP_logo       Check out The North Face Explore Your Parks Activity Guide Chicago.
It features information on camping, biking and other exciting 
outdoor activities you can do this summer in Chicago’s parks.
Thanks to The North Face for making this possible.





Kilbourn_Garden_Buddies_program_2    NATURE PROGRAMS
Learn about the Family Camping program.


frog         NATURE EVENTS




Jackson_Park_-_Wooded_Island    NATURAL AREAS


Lincoln_Park_Conservatory_1    GARDENS


         Kilbourn_Children_Garden_2    COMMUNITY GARDENS


Garfield_Park_Conservatory_Aerial_View    GREEN FACILITIES: