I represent and warrant to the Chicago Park District that I and/or my minor child are sufficiently physically fit and/or skilled to participate in the above event.
I will only participate in any event and activity for which I am physically and psychologically prepared and/or my minor child/ward will only participate in those events and activities for which I believe that my minor child/ward is physically and psychologically prepared. I have never committed a criminal offense against a child and that I have never been convicted of a felony. I understand that in Illinois, a “minor” is a child less than 18 years of age.

As a volunteer to the Chicago Park District, I expressly assume the risk and legal liability arising from my participation and/or that of my minor child/ward in this regard. I waive and release all claims for injuries, damages or loss which I and/or my minor child/ward may sustain as a result of my participation as a volunteer to the Chicago Park District. I agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify the Chicago Park District, its commissioners, officials, officers, employees, other volunteers or agents as to any claim that I and/or my minor child/ward, or anyone on my and/or my minor child/ward’s behalf, may seek to assert arising from volunteer participation with the Chicago Park District. I relinquish, fully release and forever discharge the Chicago Park District, its commissioners, officers, agents and employees from any and all claims that I, my minor child/ward, or any representative on behalf of my minor child's/ward's behalf, may have or that may accrue or arise out of my child's/ward's participation in the program.

I understand that this Waiver and Release does not create any actual or apparent agency, partnership, franchise, or relationship of employer and employee between the Chicago Park District and me and or my minor child/ward. I will neither make, nor represent that I and/or my minor child/ward is an employee of the Chicago Park District. I further understand that I and/or my minor child/ward shall not be entitled to participate in any of the Chicago Park District benefits, including without limitation any health or retirement plans.

The Chicago Park District shall not be liable for taxes, Worker's Compensation, unemployment insurance, employers' liability, employer's FICA, social security, withholding tax, or other taxes or withholding for or on behalf of me and/or my minor child/ward.

I acknowledge that the Chicago Park District may use my and/or my minor child/ward’s likeness, voice and words in television, radio, newspaper, magazine and other media advertisements to advertise or communicate the purposes and activities of the Chicago Park District’s programs and activities and in appealing for funds to support such programs and activities.

I declare that I have exercised my own judgment in signing this waiver and consent, and I further declare that my decision to sign this waiver and consent was voluntary and not based on or influenced by any representation of the Chicago Park District.

I have read and fully understand this entire form. By selecting this checkbox, I am submitting an online signature that shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as an original signature.

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