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In an effort to keep the stroll path accessible and open during our spring, summer, and early fall seasons, when thousands visit the Japanese Garden in Jackson Park, located at 6401 S. Stony Island Ave., the Chicago Park District built a temporary bridge that was removed this week in preparation for the future installation of the Moon Bridge. 

After repeated repair work to the Moon Bridge, the Park District determined that it warranted a permanent, proper replacement. To minimize the disruption to the Japanese garden landscape, the bridge was removed by our service contractor when the ground was frozen last year.

The Park District has entered into a professional service agreement with a specialty contractor trained in Japanese woodworking and bridge building. The bridge is currently in the pre-building material acquisition phase and we are awaiting for the fabrication schedule to provide a more definite timeline for its estimated arrival in Chicago and subsequent installation in the Garden.

The next step is to repair the bridge abutments and install new stone/boulder work before new bridge installation, which is slated for late Spring 2024. For updates, stay connected here