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The Chicago Park District Office of Budget and Management is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the annual operating budget, inviting public input related to the recommended budget, and submitting the budget for adoption by the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners. As part of the budget process, in September the District holds an annual Budget Forum where the public is invited to share budget ideas. In addition, a Public Hearing on the recommended budget is held where the Superintendent presents the recommended budget to the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners. Lastly, the Board of Commissioners votes on adoption of the Annual Budget Appropriation at a monthly Board meeting. Throughout this process, the District welcomes public feedback and ideas online through the Budget Ideas Submission form below. 

Listed below are the relevant dates for the preparation and release of the 2022 budget.

Public Budget Forum 
September 14, 2021 at 6:00pm

Appropriation Ordinance Filed
October 29, 2021      

Budget Documents Released Online
October 29, 2021
View 2022 Budget Recommendations HERE

Public Hearing on Budget 
November 10, 2021

Board Votes on Budget & Adopted Budget Posted Online
December 1, 2021
View 2022 Budget Appropriations



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