The Chicago Parks Foundation was founded in 2012 to provide financial and program support for Chicago parks and park programs.  Every great city has a philanthropic partner to help support their parks and the Chicago Parks Foundation had made that commitment and will be a diligent and accountable partner for the Chicago Park District. 
The Chicago Parks Foundation has elected its own Board of Directors to reflect a public/private partnership with an independent voice, striving to be excellent stewards of charitable gifts and promote consistency, responsibility and the personal touch that our donors value and deserve.
The Chicago Parks Foundation is honored to support the work of the Chicago Park District which is among the largest municipal park managers in the nation; more than 580 parks, 24 beaches, 11 museums, 9 golf courses, and 10 harbors. 
The Chicago Parks Foundation is created specifically to help maintain long-term stability and increase park use for all Chicago community members at all socioeconomic levels.  The Chicago Parks Foundation supports bringing families together, keeping children safe, promoting healthy active lifestyles and preserving Chicago’s urban green space. 

Learn more about the Chicago Parks Foundation:

Chicago Parks Foundation
541 N. Fairbanks Court, 7th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 742-5105



Windy City Hoops

In 2013, CPF raised $465,000 for Windy City Hoops, a free teen basketball program providing structured recreation options for at-risk youth and young adults in priority Chicago neighborhoods.  This weekend program serves more than 2,000 teens in 11 parks across the city.  We are working to keep teens and young adults safe and active at these peak times when conflicts often occur in absence of healthy social options.