Golden Ages Senior Talent Showcase at South Shore

Join us for a talent show and luncheon like no other!

City-Wide Symphony Orchestra Concert at Jefferson

The City-Wide Symphony Orchestra housed out of the Jefferson Park fieldhouse will be performing classical music for their first concert of the 2024 se

Junior Quartet: Kind of Blue at Marquette

Join the Marquette Park Junior Quartet for a free concert!

Back Beat Project: Dillaludes at Marquette

Join the Marquette Park Back Beat Project for a free concert!

Our Favorites: Quartet at Marquette

Join the Marquette Park Quartet for a free concert!

Chamber Ensemble: Chicago Blues at Marquette

Join the Marquette Park Chamber Ensemble for a free concert! It is no secret that Chicago enjoys a long and storied blues tradition.

Live the Spirit Jazz Concert: The Young Masters at Hamilton

Join us for a Black History Month jazz concert featuring The Young Masters.

Songwriters Showcase at Jefferson

The Jefferson Park Songwriters showcase their talents and perform original music.

Ensemble Affect at Indian Boundary

Join the Indian Boundary Park Staff and Ensemble Affect for a free concert of baroque music from French, Austrian, German, and South America.

New Year's Eve At Noon Party at Lincoln

Come to the park and ring in the "noon year". We will have an afternoon new year's eve party, with balloons, music, and crafts.